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Up Your Eye Makeup Game


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Up Your Eye Makeup Game
5 tips to up your eye makeup game

Would you like to thwart those dastardly dark circles, take your best driver’s license picture ever, look like you spent $40 on a lipstick when you only spent $4, up your eye makeup game, and add more meow to your cat liner looks? Check out Gloss Daily, the Ladies’ Home Journal beauty blog.

I’ve been contributing articles to them every other week since last winter (it was kind of a dream come true being affiliated with LHJ), and I like everyone I’ve been working with over there.

It’s a pretty good blog, and there are a bunch of blogger contributors. Swing by when you get a chance, and please leave a comment over there if you find something you like (thank you).

Here’s kind of a random sampling of the posts I’ve done…

  • 5 Perfect Pink Drugstore Lip Products
  • 5 Radiant Orchid Lip Colors
  • Time To Shine With Sally Hansen’s Long-Lasting, Triple-Shine Nail Polish
  • Glitter for Grownups: 3 Easy Ways To Get Holiday (or Any Occasion, Really) Party-Ready Makeup in a Flash With Golden Glitter
  • Add More Meow Right Now to Your Cat Eyeliner Looks
  • 5 Tips To Disappear Dark Circles and Get More Oomph From Concealer
  • Get the Luxury Lipstick Look for a Drugstore Price
  • This Magic Soap Is the Bane of Dirty Makeup Brushes
  • 5 More Tips To Step Up Your Eye Makeup Game
  • How To Take a Good Driver’s License Picture
  • 3 Reasons To Try Textured Nail Polishes


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