I Really Struggle With Ingrowing Hairs

I’ve Shaved My Legs For Years And I Really Struggle With Ingrowing Hairs. How Can I Prevent Or Remove Them?

Ingrowing hairs are very common and can occur when a hair curls back around and re-enters the skin, or when the hair

follicle becomes clogged with dead skin cells so the hair can’t push through. The best way to prevent them is to exfoliate. Use a good natural exfoliator, such as Bareskin Beauty Spicy Spa Body Scrub , to remove the dead skin cells every few days. Also make sure you exfoliate before shaving because this prepares the skin. Don’t exfoliate directly after shaving, as your skin will be sensitive and could become irritated.

By applying a damp, warm annel before exfoliation, you open the pores and help to remove the ingrown hairs. Pre-shave products such as oils or gels can also be applied to help prepare the skin for shaving. A proper pre-shave product must contain circulation- promoting ingredients such as rosemary oil or extract, which will help to remove the hair and reduce the risk of them ingrowing.

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