Lombard Street, Painted Ladies and Adventures in San Francisco

Bay Bridge view

lombard flowers

El Hub and I played hooky to spend the day in San Francisco and celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary (10!) last Thursday.

We didn’t go having any plans. We just kind of wanted to wing it and hang out with each other doing something fun, since we haven’t done much of that over the past few months since Connor arrived.

So, um…yeah, we went exploring. 🙂

lombard street
San Francisco’s steep and winding Lombard Street

I wanted to do things that I’d never done in the city before, and I’d never seen the crooked part of Lombard Street with all of the switchbacks and hydrangeas.

My dream house on Lombard
My dream house on Lombard…

lombard fence detail

The view down Lombard Street
The view down Lombard Street

Or the famous Painted Ladies? — a row of quaint and colorful Victorian and Edwardian houses that harken back to a bygone era? I’d never seen them in person before last week. And dude, I lived in San Francisco for years, LOL!

painted ladies
I’ll take the cream one in the middle, please

I know, crazypants.

A glass of Riesling at Waterbar Restaurant on the Embarcadero
A glass of Riesling at Waterbar Restaurant on the Embarcadero

embarcadero bow arrow
This makes me think of Katniss, LOL!

Bay Bridge view
Hello, Bay Bridge!

So yeah, we definitely did some touristy things, which is a lot of fun sometimes, then had lunch at this wonderful restaurant on the water in the Embarcadero called Waterbar (serves kinda pricey but delicious seafood; highly recommended), where I had my first glass of wine since June 2015.

It was really, REALLY good, BTW. 🙂

Apparentely, I missed wine a lot more than I thought.

It was a fun day, and it was good to break out of baby jail for a while.


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